Explore the subject construction and seek common development

The People's Hospital held a lively discussion on discipline construction in the nephrology internal medicine study room。President Yang Xuebing and Vice President Gao Qing came to the scene for guidance, and some clinical and medical technology department directors, head nurses and medical staff of the hospital participated in the discussion

The situation of the department is briefly introduced,Including ward arrangement of beds, personnel structure, facilities and equipment, development technology, treatment of patients, business situation, etc.;Then it makes a detailed plan for the construction of talent team, sub-specialty grouping, medical quality control, new technology development, scientific research and teaching and other aspects,And the department three years expected goal outlook;Finally, the existing problems and difficulties are put forward,The main problems are not high rate of renal biopsy, unreasonable personnel structure, insufficient number of new technologies, and imperfect quality control work。

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